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Coca cola vending machine 1960s - Catawiki

Camouflaged as a casino slot machines, the recycling process works as follows:. where electrical discharges appear as soon as a battery is thrown inside,.
Slot mutter casino aluminiumfolie, På spelet där du kan välja mellan att spela med. How the traditional Slots (Slot Machine) works Unlike other traditional table. After all, inside the belly of that computerized beast are sequences that can.

Inside slot machine workscasinobonus

Den här sidan är tillägnad tanken om att något så enkelt som glädje är det absolut lättaste sättet att få människor att ändra på sig.
Att det inte behöver vara svårare än att göra saker och ting lite roligare för att få till förändringar till det bättre.
Vilka spelar ingen roll så länge det är förbättringar.
För dig själv, för miljön eller för precis vad du vill.
Every day I ask my unemployed boyfriend to clean our apartment.
It never happened, until one day I decided to have some fun.
Inskickat av Meirav Adler Problem: gum pasted in street.
Just find where to paste it.
We can sell this art to support kids with artistic talent.
Inskickat av Jorge Alanis Carbajal Put in a park or a place where there is space, this system detects near people who attracts with a sound and lights, ready, set, go!
Which is marked by a traffic light.
The contestant will run to the finish line where it recorded its time and average speed, you can enter your name and picture to have a record weekly and monthly.
You can even compare with slow and fast animals and celebrities, even your dog can run here.
Inskickat av Jorge Alanis Carbajal Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the only monster that does good for humanity, man and his pets.
This monster asks to be fed exclusively with animal droppings, opening inside slot machine works mouth a sensor makes speek the monster making so gracious speeches to be fed, in his mouth is a receptacle where it is deposited the bag with excrement, this receptacle is integrated on a scale that senses the weight of the excrement, and according to the weight the monster will say funny things, low weight - is that all?
A little more weight - I am more hungry!
One of the most common ways that illnesses such as flu are spread is through the germs on our hands.
Hand sanitization is therefore a simple way to help prevent transmission of illness.
Universities and restaurants in our area have installed hand sanitizers to help encourage hand cleaning, but few people actually use them.
As a result, illnesses can rapidly spread across university campuses.
We decided to apply the Fun Theory to this problem by testing whether we could get more people to sanitize their hands by making it fun.
As recycling initiatives are increasing in number and people are becoming more aware and receptive to these ideas, I'm suggesting a bottle recycling concept.
Camouflaged as a casino slot machines, the recycling process works as follows: - every bottle works as a coin, each inserted bottle gets recycled - for every bottle inserted you have the right for a spin - the more bottles you insert, the more you recycle and the more winning chances you got It's a win win situation.
You get most of fun out of it inside slot machine works Planet Earth wins a better life, with a more responsible society.
A periscope is attached to a bus stop.
It transforms the bus stop into a playground by providing a fun diversion while waiting for the bus.
The commuters can not only see if the bus is coming but by using the periscope handler, they can explore other views of the inside slot machine works />At the same time it works as a critical object: by being present, it also aims to initiate a conversation about the problem and the lack of the real-time information system in NYC bus stops.
The idea is to incentivize the recycling of hazardous materials such as batteries, which too often end up in the regular garbage with other waste.
The thought is to design special disposal containers with transparent sections, where electrical discharges appear as soon as a battery is here inside, creating an impression that the battery is being "disintegrated".
The more visual example would not only show the individuals that batteries are not ordinary waste and should be treated differently, but also make the recycling process more exciting.
Inskickat av Andrii Shekhirev.
We understood that the concept of fun theory has been created to change trough fun wrong behaviours of the citizens.
In fact in Lisbon, our city, you will find two places very dirty: Bairro alto and Santos.
They are party places; you can find there plenty of bars and a lot of people, mostly on weekends.
Nowadays no one does the effort to reach garbage.
We decided to change that precise behaviour.
My idea is based on the game of Plinko, from inside slot machine works tv show, The Price is Right.
It's meant to be a fun way to recycle cans because aluminum is one of the most environmentally harmful minerals to mine.
Basically it's a plinko board that is on top of a recycling bin for cans and bottles only if your region accepts cans and bottles mixed togetherso that they can be recycled normally if they'd rather not play.
I want to create a mobile, sectional pipe organ that can be installed and performed anywhere, turning the space itself into a unique, reactive instrument.
A large portion of the project will be public installations, allowing people to see, play, and experience the instrument for themselves.
The idea is to inform people about an awesome instrument that is little understood and seldom played with by creating a invasive and interactive version that can be played by anyone.
I've designed a inside slot machine works organ in which each pipe is independent, connected along to a central air supply through a long hose.
In México and the world is quite difficult to find places to throw used batteries.
Moreover is boring and tedious take it to this collection points.
It will always be most easy to throw them with all the other garbage.
But not always will be more fun that throw them into a container that can make you feel good, make you feel happy and achieve a smile in your face.
Problem: Parking is a big problem for people especially in public spheres.
We tried to show this problem with some photos.
As you see, in these photos, cars are not in a regular way and one car parks in a place where two car can park.
Solution: Works in the town are always disturbing.
Neighbours get angry and workers inside slot machine works not work comfortable.
If the atmosphere is good, people work faster, better, and everybody is happy.
Can we create a pleasant environment with fun?
Submitted av Ana Querejeta, Mariki Rodríguez, Mario Fides, Daniel Martí och Alberto Salgado The primary concern of any government is to keep its citizens healthy.
Apart from securing good hospitals and access to healthy food, it also must secure availability of sporting places for people to keep fit.
The problem is that prices for fitness centers are rising substantially as more and more people attend them.
We want to change this relationship to the contrary and, plus, generate energy.
In time for Copenhagen, CO2 Emissions and Global Warming are flamboyant topics of inside slot machine works century and will, sooner or later, demand our commitment.
While it is difficult to reach global agreements of a big scale, it is easy to contribute individually by changing our behavior - and act as role models and messengers to policy makers.
Street traffic accounts for around 20% of global CO2 emissions.
Yet, a significant share of these emissions is generated while not moving at all, e.
In other words, it is completely wasted.
My inside slot machine works year old mother will never own a laptop or a cellphone, but she does have a television.
The only technology most households on earth have in common is television.
There should be a TV network devoted to sending and receiving messages and this would be called the Communication Station.
Here's how it would work: - Grandma is watching the Nightly News.
Suddenly a flashing envelope appears in the corner of the screen.
Vending machines usually dispense sugary liquid that isn't good for anyone.
But those colourful plastic bottles are so much more appealing than water.
To change people's behaviour, how about making a vending machine that dispenses water in tetra paks.
To make it fun, the vending machine will have an interactive graffiti screen where people can use colours and finger strokes to design one side of their water pak.
There could also be pre-loaded designs to choose from--or you can freestyle.
The result is a customized water "bottle".
When people are waiting at the bus stop they sit down as if they were tired, even the young people.
So, let's use the wasted time waiting for the bus!
We can mix a "Pinball Machine" and a "Step Machine".
So, when you move your right foot, you move the right stick of the Pinball.
And when you move your left foot, you move the left stick.
We can install a Pinball exercise machine at the bus stop in the place for advertising.
Hit the ball, get points and have fun!
The Bus Stops are boring places, we intend, using less money as possible, to transform them into interactive and joyfully places.
Every week a big crosswords table will be installed at the bus stop.
The people that are waiting for the bus could play completing the crosswords, using a big pencil to avoid people to steal it connected to the bus stop with a little chain… Inskickat av Davide Leone.

How Do Vending Machines Detect Fake Coins?


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